Thursday, December 16, 2010

Homemade Chicken Soup

I have had some requests about making homemade chicken noodle soup.  The first thing you are going to need is an afternoon at home and a big pot.  This recipe makes a triple batch, it freezes perfectly for a rainy day.  Fill the pot with cold water and add a whole chicken after you take out the weird stuff in the cavity,  blaahh, that just gives my the woo-ga-lee's!  Add a palm full of salt and turn up the heat!  Let it cook for an 1 1/2 hours.  It should be bubbling as it cooks, not too rapid, but bubbles are definitely needed.  You will notice that this white foamy stuff rises to the top, skim that off with a spoon as the chicken cooks.  This is the toxins being released from the bird as it boils--again so gross.  Here is a picture to show you what I am referring to...
Okay just get pass that part, think of it as the foam on top of the ocean waves at the beach...who in the world knows what that is!  After that cooks for and hour or so add the following:

2 large onions diced or leeks work great too
3-4 lbs carrots, 1" thick
6 celery stalks (if they have the leaves on them, chop them up too)
6 vege bouillon cubes
2 bay leaves
large can of tomato puree
Let that cook for about for about an hour.

Remove chicken from pot, should be falling off the bone and let cool.  Add 3/4 cup barley, 1/2 cup quinao and cook for 45 minutes.  Next add
3T parsley
1 T thyme
1/2 t. pepper

Taste it and see if it needs more salt, if it does, add another bouillon until it is the right flavoring.
Pull chicken apart (after it cools a mite) and cut into bite size pieces and add back to soup. 
Now you can add some chopped spinach and mushrooms for a hearty soup (my favorite) or in a separate pot boil some soup noodles.

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