Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November Nostalgia

 I thought when we started homeschooling I would learn Spanish right along side of my children.  I thought when I started homeschooling I would take the sewing class with my daughter.  I thought that as I homeschooled subjects like Algebra 2 and grammar that it would easily flow forth from my mind.  Sigh...
So NONE of those things happened except for my good intentions.  On a good note, I  can say that the children have completed subjects successfully, have shown up for their classes, and can sorta speak Spanish.  My girl is in her 2nd year of sewing and I just want to say how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her sweet teacher, Mrs. Bertie.  She fell right from heaven into my girlfriends kitchen and instructs a group of giggling girls a devotional, themed around sewing, and then conquers any sewing machine mischief that can be had!  She is forever endeared to my heart!  Thank you Mrs. Bertie for pouring God's love into our girls!

 They learned to make skirts this past lesson.  Sissy is usually the first to finish, she is a zippy seamstress!  Love the combination of plaid shirt and socks!  What a cute skirt!

We took a jaunt to D.C. and who should we stumble upon but Mary Pickersgill.  She was the flagmaker of the Star Spangled Banner Flag during the Battle of Baltimore in the War of 1812.   People often get her confused with Betsy Ross, but she was the one the head up the making of our flag.  That one red stripe is the length of  the flag that flew over Fort McHenry that glorious night.

 Okay, I am sorry about the eyes on this next shot but they refused, absolutely refused to redo this shot for me. I said, "Oh please go back and let me try again!"  But nooo. So I am posting as it is.   Don't they look so Ivy-league?  These are two great kids!  And they have a really neat friendship.

Sissy made an ornament from her history curriculum.  Somebody will be getting this for Christmas...

This little whipper snapper is doing great in school.  He is learning to find meaning in his school work, he would much rather disassemble something or invent something.

Making forts is a favorite activity for the Gabenator.  He makes some good ones!  Every blanket in the house gets used for his creations.

November had some great dawn and dusk moments.  So many times I wished I had my camera (really I wished I had Heather's camera) to take photographs of the sky.  Amazing is our Lord, so creative, so mind-blowing is his handiwork!

We went to Virginia for Turkey Day.  My brother-in-law Glen embarked on a new hobby, turkey roasting 101 and he received an A+ for his accomplishments.  The bird was tender and juicy, just like a picture.  He had a lot of fun carving it with an electric knife too, we couldn't pry it out of his hands, begging him to stop carving and let us EAT.  Finally he relented and put his toy down so we could bless the food and munch.

 We definitely did not go hungry! 10 pounds of mashed potatoes, need I say more?

 The cousins had a hootin time being together and watching football.

Grammy and her girl.  Aren't they cute?

November was a good month; weddings, Greek Fests, Thanksgiving and lots of activities.  We went to see the Norman Rockwell exhibit last Saturday and it was THE BEST gallery collection I have ever seen!  All of the art pieces, at the Portrait Gallery, were from George Lucas and Steven Spielberg's personal collection.  It was like stepping back into time when America was a bit younger and wholesome.  We enjoyed our break from school and visiting with friends and family.

Gobble till ya wobble,

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Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving! That picture you took of our kiddos turned out much better than mine did! Very Hogwarts-ish I think!