Saturday, September 24, 2011

Harvest Arrangements

 We get all different kinds of clients and job requests.  Sometimes it's a one time deal where we have a consultation and brain storm with someone who wants to decorated themselves but needs a jump off point.  Depending on a client's budget will dictate what can actually be accomplished.  This gal wanted her dining room pulled together.  She entertained a lot but could not seem to get the room to flow.  This dining room was graced with a fireplace and was rather spacious.  All the furniture, curtains, and lighting was existing so we just came in for the accesories and some rearranging.  Pulling two chairs away from the table and placing them along the fireplace made for an intimate sitting area.  These photos were of the fall decorations. 
 Harvest time is such a welcoming motif to stylize any room.  Her colors were a warm gold and blue.  We mixed things she had plus what we brought to the space, some pumpkins, a berry twig, some decorative stackable suitcases (which give height and interest) and candles.
A custom wreath was made for her space because the fireplace was tall it did not leave a lot of wall space above the mantel.  A pretty lamp (some forward thinking arcitect put in an outlet...thank you very much!), some gourds and wheat bundles with harvest corn.
Enjoy all the pretty pieces that come straight from the handy-work of God's creation...He makes the best stuff afterall!
Coram Deo,

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