Monday, July 25, 2011

Bloomin' Good

 A few of the Barrett boyz came for a visit.  Cole had a lacross tournament up this way so we got to watch our first lacross game.  He brought along his buddy Austin too.  They all stayed the weekend with us and we had a blast!

 Uncle Glen is one-of-a-kind.  He so enjoys his family, especially his niece and nephews.  Gabe loves to hang with him.  Not only does he buy special treats but also takes the time to sit and chat and is genuinely interested in them.  He PAINSTAKINGLY graphed out the new shed they are going to replace in our backyard to Gabe.  Gabe is now fluent in footers, dimensions, and wood-lingo.
 A client of mine painted this mural in the famous Bloom's Broom where we took the clan.  Trish you are so talented!!  This ice cream parlor is a favorite haunt of ours and the rest of the county too.  We came at my favorite time, dusk, when the sun is about to set.  They have not only the best ice cream but the best spot for sunsets!
 Only minor panic attacks happen as you patiently wait in line for your order.  The flavors are written on a chalkboard and everyone holds their breath when an employee walks over with an eraser...hoping it won't be your flavor they ran out of!

 Our favorite ice cream scooper was there, he was pulling a double shift that day.
 Ice cream brings out the...err...strangness in some.

 Although I took a stomach pill...later is coming...blasted dairy!

We listened to the guitarist sing, and we sang along too... LOUD I might add.  We closed the place down, what a great community environment BB's is!

Coram Deo,

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