Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Miss American Pie

Every year, since we moved into our home, we have an annual open house on the 4th of July.  Families gather here to celebrate our great nation and to spend the day creating fond memories and relaxing.
Swimming, bocce ball, badmitton, basketball, music, food and dear friends and family congregate in our backyard.  I LOVE IT!

 NO coveting the curls!

 You can even get your nails painted in a patriotic theme!
 I have never seen so many youngsters in our pool at one time.  Lots of giggling and laughing goin on!

 It varies year to year who will show up, but whoever ends up in one of our lawn chairs is cherished and welcomed!

 Off to the parade, and may I just say it was one of the BEST parades our town had ever put together.  The last few years it got to be more of a car show, but this year it was very family oriented with lots of pretty floats and variety.
 This was a portion of our group, some stayed behind and some still had not arrived.  My dad said he counted over 60 people at our house!

 Kilts and bagpipes

 For our pyro friends, a flame throwing baton thrower...woohoo!

 Texting, it never stops!  Not even for a parade, cookout, or fireworks.  No Sir!

 More texting

 This floats ranks #1 for me.  The Declaration of Independence proudly displayed for all to see.

 LOVE the belly button and the piggy toes!
This float came in 2nd place with the dance studio and their underwater theme.  It is hard to see the little jelly fish in the corner, they were adorable!

After we walked backed from the parade another handful of families had shown up for the fireworks, which we have front row, private seating for all.  It was such a great day, I think the last stagglers left around 11:30.  THANK YOU Sandra for being the clean-up crew!  My house is pretty slimy today, all those wet pool feet in and out all day, YIKES!  ME has got to clean!

One of my favorite parts of the day was Mollie and I cooking this morning and preparing food while belting out the song, Bye, Bye Miss American Pie...all 8 and 1/2 minutes of it!  I didn't know she knew the words.
Memories to cherish, I am ever so grateful.

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