Friday, July 8, 2011

Camo Kid

 Purging and reorganizing are the blessings that come through the chaos of swapping bedrooms.  I hadn't realized how much stuff has been saved or accumulated over the growing years.

 Gabe wanted a camoflauge bedspread and decor.  After scraping of so many nasty, old boogers off the wall to prep it for painting, I thought that green paint would be a good camoflauge for, well, hopefully that disgusting habit is a thing of the past... I shall move on.
 This is the HGTV after shot after all the work and gathering of necessities for the new room.
 The one thing he asked for was to have a desk in his new room.  This old sewing machine cabinet and chair was my Gram's.  I cleaned it up and recovered and painted the chair and  Voila', a desk for the student.
 Hubby made this captain's bed.  The wall was just about the right size to fit a twin mattress.  It tucks in there nice and snug.
With the left over material from the chair, I recoverd this photo board so he can display a few of his favorite things.  Now I can kick back and tackle my own long-awaited to-do list!

Coram Deo,

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