Tuesday, July 26, 2011


 My niece came over with her munchkins for a visit.  She is a wonderful, wonderful mother of four plus one on the way.  Lila sat on my dad's lap reading books and making memories.  My dad doesn't usually wear pink headbands but he was trying to make friends with the littliest, Maylynn, and she was NOT having anything to do with anybody.  So I took that as a personal quest to make nice with her!
 She is a mama'a girl, not to mention cutting rock hard teeth...it's hard being a baby!

 SAFETY FIRST!  These kiddos were all about swimming accessories!  At one point Ezra (the oldest and most cautious) had on a life-vest, swimmies, goggles, and an inner tube!

AHHH, me and my girl Maylynn hangin on the go-cart.  She does smile...really she does!
 Yes, he is going to go down the slide!
 Nice smile dad!
 Going down slides is exhausting indeed!

 Kiley and Lila

 Mandy is the closest thing I have to a little sister (although technically I am her aunt).  If I could have a redo on my mothering/marriage, I would do it exactly as she is journeying.  Completely Christ-centered, a full-quiver, and a strong church community...that is a recipe for blessing!  I really admire the woman that she has become.  She has the right priorities and the right vision for raising her family.

She does smile...REALLY she does!

Coram Deo,

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