Monday, October 18, 2010

Autumn Weekend

Some weekends are dutiful in keeping house inside and out and other weekends are packed with play...

The boys played a great game Friday after school.  The play-offs start today!
Saturday afternoon split in different directions of birthday parties and riding.  Then we went to a really fun hayride with church friends.

Bunches of kids loaded into the wagon and then the moms climbed in the back.  We were hootin' and hollarin' as the O-So-Kind tractor guy lurched us back and forth up the hill.  All the kids slid to the back squashing us with laughter.  About half-way into the ride I lost feeling in my legs that were folded under me...just can't sit that way for very long!
I just kept wondering why the hay was so warm??  It was a surprise to ride under the barn loft and have hay come raining down on us as we passed underneath!
We roasted hot dogs by a raging fire and sang songs; so wholesome and fun!  The best part was that everyone loved it, from toddlers to teens.  The stars were brilliant and the evening lovely.

Sunday we went to a friends Eagle Scout ceremony that was incredible!  My son played the piano and another buddy sang.  It was a wonderful thing to behold!  Our state senator, county executive, sheriff, and county council president all awarded Caleb with certificates and commemorative coins and pins.  The neatest part was his grandfather, an Eagle Scout, pinned him with his pin from 1938!  Only 4% of the guys make it to this rank!  Way to go Caleb!

I love this kid!  I had the opportunity to direct a play a few years ago and he was one of the main characters.  My daughter has permission to marry him!

It was a perfect weekend barring my little guy getting the stomach flu.  But even in that we are fearfully and wonderfully made to get rid of yucky viruses!


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