Saturday, October 9, 2010


My son has been studying the senses in 3rd grade.  They have been reading books about Helen Keller and Louis Braille.  The message his teacher wants to get across is that you can still be productive even with a handicap or cross to bear.  Every year the class visits Ms. Bobby; she is an amazing woman.  Each of my kids remembers her fondly and I couldn't wait to meet her myself.  Ms. Bobby is completely blind, her eyes are plastic.  Her spiritual eyes shine and her sense of who she is in Christ is humbling and inspiring.  When she met my son she said, "Now don't you have an older brother, oh, yes, he was 'The Character'."  She remembered my daughter, as well, and a lot of the older siblings of this class.

Have you ever heard Handel's Messiah (this is a beautiful rendition) at Christmas time and it gave you goose bumps for days?  Well, Ms. Bobby stood up, and as her introduction sang like a songbird: Victory in Jesus.  I was overwhelmed!  I wanted to stand in honor of The King!  You know when your socks are knocked off your feet because you are not expecting this amazing voice to come out of this sweet little person.  My chin was agape through the entire song.  Notice all the kids eyes are glued to her.

 She has an amazing testimony.  Her umbilical cord laid across her eye where no eye grew and the other eye had grown deformed.  She could see colors for awhile.  Her mother constantly talked to her and sang to her as a child so she would always know where she was.  She never really knew she was 'blind', just that she didn't see well.  She went to a boarding school to learn how to live functionally and orderly.

She shared how she goes about the business of living and coping.  She read to us from the bible, her bible are these huge books, I guess there must have been 2 dozen of them that covered the bible from Genesis to Maps.  This was her watch, see the knobby's next to the numbers?  When reading braille you use the tip of the your pointer finger, it is the most sensitive spot for detecting the raised circles.  She showed us how she uses the phone and how everything has a place and everything is in its place!  She started wearing a prayer veil a few years ago to remind her to calling of prayer.  She is a fellow kindred spirit!

Afterwards, we went to see the Tabernacle.  We learned all kinds of neat facts about the history of old testament sacrificing. There is so much symbolism in the tabernacle, all of which points to Jesus.

This was a sculpture garden of the courtyard.  We sat in the Holy Place and peered inside the Holy of Holies area where the Ark of the Covenant sat.

 Everything is very specific and detailed with God.  The tabernacle is measured in cubits, now that's a fun word to say.  It is a system of measurement that equals about a 1/2 yard or 18".  I think we should reinstitute cubits, I like it.

 This painted mural showed the cloud of smoke that hovered over the tabernacle by day and the people's tents surrounding the focal point of their lives.

We had a picnic lunch in the beautiful October sun and scooted home after the tour, such a sweet and memorable day.


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