Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Raising Maidens of Virtue

My daughter and I are reading Raising Maidens of Virtue together.  It is a study of feminine loveliness for mothers and daughters.  We have only read through the first several chapters but this is such a valuable treasure I just had to share with you.  It is designed to be read aloud and then discuss the questions at the end of each chapter.  The author, Stacy McDonald suggests making it a special time, set apart from other activities, by lighting some candles, pouring a cup of tea and closing the door.  There are suggestions for making a scrapbook and other relationship building projects and activities.
We just finished reading the chapter 'A Noble Calling'.  It defines the secret of contentment and describes what is a noble calling.  Here is an excerpt...

And so I learned that what makes any calling noble is its being commanded by God, and what makes anything good is its being given by God; and the honest contentment consists not in persuading ourselves that our things are the very best in the world, but in believing they are the best for us, and giving God thanks for them.

This is geared for young teens and allows you to capture some beautiful conversation with your daughter.  Our time is so precious with our girls.  The clock is ticking, the world is tapping at the door for her attention.  We must pour into them while we still have them home with us.  What a gift we have as mothers to invest in our precious daughters, they grow up so fast!

Painting by Frederick A. Stokes 

Any product I have purchased from The Vision Forum has been thought provoking and challenges me in my walk.

Pray with your sweetie!

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