Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Now or Next

Are you feeling the looming onslaught of the holidays hunkering over you?  There are Christmas trees and decorations in the stores, UGGG...I really, totally, emphatically am not ready to switch my brain over in that direction.  If you need a ski coat, you better buy it now because when you go skiing in January bathing suits will fill the racks.  Everything seems to be pushing it's way earlier and earlier into our lives whether we consent to it or not!  Are we in the season of pumpkins or elves?  I need my energy and thoughts to be in the day to day, not pulled to change the radio channel because they have decided to play Rudolph next week!  Don't get me wrong I love Christmas and planning but this is too much!  Am I way out here on my own or is anyone shaking their head YES?

My daughter and I were talking yesterday afternoon (I love homeschooling because of conversations like these) and we were discussing this 'be in the now and today', because tomorrow has enough of it's own troubles (Matthew 6:34).  She said, "Yeah Mom, it's like when you told me to just be 13.  Don't miss being 13 because others are doing things that are not meant for me to do at this age."  I was doing an inward Snoopy dance!  Yes, she is absolutely right!  We are not missing anything by being content in the day that is given to us.  It's like Martha is yelling at us to get up and get busy and Mary is gently patting the seat next to her and inviting us to take care.  We are not meant to lived hurried lives.

So in the face of marketing and sales I say NO.  Does anyone else feel this way?  Sigh....

We went photo shooting yesterday (which is so now!) to soak up the beautiful fall leaves; embracing the beauty of the season.

This burning bush is bursting with brilliance.

The geese were not camera shy in the least!

Have you raked leaves yet?  Be sure to jump in the pile with a big ol' smile!  I love the tiny little flower poking its head in the bottom middle of the picture.

Love this sugar maple.  It is my very favorite of all the shades of fall.

I walked over to this tree with every intention to climb it and take a picture from above.  But the branches were too high, or maybe I am too short, either way it's a cool shot!

Corn maizes, pumpkin patches, hay rides, leaves, apples, acorns, raking, sweaters, stews, bonfires, harvest, scarecrows, foliage, cornucopias; what a lovely time of the year!

Be where you are!

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Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

Ooooh - I love your fall shots!! You inspired me to go out and do the same - LOVE the little internal snoopy dance! :)