Monday, October 11, 2010

Papa's Peppers

When we went to the farm last week  I brought home an abundance of Jalapeno peppers.  I finally got around to harvesting them this morning.  After I cleaned up the mess, I washed my hands and hopped in the shower.  I started to wash my face and fire spread across my nose and lips and face.  When my eyes started to feel the heat I was about to panic.  I blindly leaned out of the shower to were the washcloths sit and grabbed one and washed my face again.  No luck.  Quickly rinsing off I started to ask for a little google help on what to do with pepper oil soaking into your skin.  The choices were baking soda, milk, rubbing alcohol, and Dawn dishsoap.
Let's just say I have had a thorough exfoliated treatment this morning.

 The best cooling agent was the baking soda.  When I harvested the peppers I grew this did not happen!  The WORST part has been the oil that seeped under my fingernails.  They have been on fire for HOURS!  Obviously Papa has much hotter peppers than I do!
I will have to keep that in mind when I use them to make my salsa!

Hasta Manana,

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