Thursday, October 28, 2010

The White Gypsy

       Hello, I am a guest writer on Enchanted Warrior today. I have recently read a book called The White Gypsy by Annette Lyster. The book was written in 1881. The publisher: Lamplighter; rare collector series. I received this book as a gift for Christmas last year and finally started reading it earlier in this month. 

       This book is about a young boy named Wilbraham Phayre who loses him memory in a terrible train crash. He is stolen by a gypsy woman and renamed White Willie. His life with them was hard and cruel. He was drugged daily and worked in his stupor so he wouldn't remember who he is. He called himself Willie Fay, for that was how he said his last name when he was a child. One dreary day he meets a man named Keith who finds him to be sick. He takes the boy home to find out he is an educated boy. He buys the boy from the gypsy family and raises him, along with the help of his own family. A few years later Willie is taken to a school for boys where his education can prosper; there he meets friends, and his younger brother!

       I would give this book five stars! It's not a hard read and it attaches you to the characters almost immediately. The virtues pop out at you and make you want to be like Willie, George, or Gilbert. You want the rebel, Marston, to change and grow. Most of all you want Willie to remember.
       Will Willie remember his family? Can he find out his true identity? Read The White Gypsy to find out!

P.S. At the end of the book it says the 'shepherd of the village is E.M.'  I'll give you a hint on who it is: he is called by his middle name and not his first, or 'E'...

You are gonna love this story!
E.W.'s daughter


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Free Fall Stage said...

I cannot figure out to the EM is! The only one I can think of is Marston????