Friday, October 22, 2010

Father Abraham had many foibles

Reading through the story of Abraham, the 11th verse from chapter 20 gave me pause for thought.  At this point in the story Abraham has (FOR THE 2ND TIME) told Sarah to tell the King that she is his sister.  Sarah is beautiful, men in high places are pigs (okay not all of them, but you know what I'm sayin') and Abraham is being a coward.  Abe said, "Because I thought, surely the fear of God is not in this place..."  that I will take cover behind the beauty of my wife and pretend that she is my sister so then there will be no trouble with King Abimelech.  'Let's trick the king'...sound like a good plan?  Thankfully for everyone involved God is faithful and 'did not let him touch her (verse 6).  The King was given a vision not to touch Sarah and the King listened!  Phew!

For the record, Abraham and Sarah had the same father but different mothers; a technicality or a falsehood?  Half-sister or not, you don't purposefully let your wife act as a maiden.  The first time he came up with this idea was in Egypt and told Pharaoh she was his sister.  He plagued Pharaoh and his house with great plagues because of Sarah.  The Lord protects his girls!

How is it that Abraham willingly accepted the invitation to leave his family and country back in chapter 12 with complete trust, but somewhere along the way things began to unravel?  He left behind everything he knew without a backward glance but now has taken it upon himself to solve the predicaments.  Human solutions vs. God's solutions: when will we learn that God does not need our 'help'?  We need to be where God wants us and tap into the initial excitements and wonder of the journey and keep it in the forefront of our minds.  Waiting on the Lord is a discipline of obedience.  We must believe He is going to do what He says he is going to do!  
Taking into account what we know about God journeying with Abraham...
*Abraham has seen that God will save his wife from Pharaoh's power
* Abraham has pleaded with God to spare the righteous among the wicked in Sodom and was granted his request
*Abraham's wife was again saved from the clutches of another King's embrace

Unknowingly, Abraham is on the precipice of having the long awaited child conceived and he is dabbling in offering Sarah to keep the peace (for the 2nd time!!!)
God is very patient.  What can we learn from his-story?  I pray we will seek his solutions and wait with great patience and endurance.  Stop thinking we are clever and are able to solve and tidy up a problem quickly.  Have you ever notice that God is not on our time schedule?  We could be missing a HUGE growing and strengthening piece of our journey;  Not to mention, a blessing just waiting to unfold because we were steadfast.  But through it all, God looks out for us.  If we plow ahead and make rash choices, He is still going to work in them--Praise God!

What are you wanting done, undone, resolved, fixed, or right NOW?  Stop and breath, say a prayer and wait patiently.  Wisdom comes in the waiting.

In Christ Alone,

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