Friday, March 11, 2011

Flash Mob

Get your dancin shoes on...they are my most favorite pair in my closest!
The Revolve Tour is this weekend and we are so excited!

What is a flash mob?  Basically, a flash mob is when a group of people (like yourselves) get together and act out a routine/dance that has been learned before the actual event. Guess what’s happening on Friday night at Revolve? A REVOLVE TOUR FLASH MOB!! And we couldn’t think of anyone better to teach us the moves than Kathryn McCormick.
What happens now? Watch the step-by-step instructions given by Kathryn in the video and learn the part!! On Friday night, Group 1 Crew will perform “Breakdown” off their latest CD, Outta Space Love, and that’s your chance to join in with thousands of other girls doing the same dance steps. This is going to be SO FUN! Bring your dancing shoes and join us at 7 pm sharp. Don’t be tardy!! You may miss out on the biggest dance party of the year.
Awesome music, straight-talking messages, drama, and a ton of fun combine for a 2-day weekend event for teen girls!

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