Monday, March 14, 2011

Revolve Tour '11

The Revolve Tour 2011 rocked the Inner Harbor in Baltimore this past weekend.  4,000 teeny boppers crowded the stadium to be dazzled with singing, skits, workshops, and the theme was 'Dream On.'  To say they were excited is an understatement! 

This fearless mom lead the rally of our group to attend the conference.  Thanks girlfriend!

Some of the lessons were on target, some of them were a bit loose.  Relevance seems to be the undercurrent in today's Christian wave of faith.

The chick in the middle has a million funny faces!

This was my favorite band Group One Crew.  It's Christian pop with an organic twist, love them!!

Brit Nicole was fun on stage.  I like her lyrics.

Okay so this is the one time I really felt like a mom.  Screaming into the microphone making guttural sounds is not my dish.  Justin of  Hawk Nelson is lead singer for the band, apparently he is well liked among the gals.

I love these girls!
Faithfully Yours,

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