Friday, March 25, 2011

The Little Red Hen

 Welcome to the world of wheat.  There are so many varieties!  I like a soft winter wheat or a spring wheat berry.  I went to a little Amish store with my girlfriend and we scored on a 50 pound bag for $20.

I bought my wheat mill about 7 years ago when my daughter was having some health issues.  I became a granola nut head and decided to make everything from scratch so I knew exactly what ingredients were in the food I was serving.  There is nothing magical about grinding your own wheat.  This particular model, the K TEC, sounds like a 747 taking off in your kitchen.  Luckily it only takes 5 minutes to grind up a batch of flour.  This model easily holds 9 cups of wheat which will yield twice that amount.

 Wheat goes in...

Gets blitzed

Comes out all floury and soft!
So far I have made a triple batch of pancakes and some beer bread.  No one is particularly interested in helping grind the wheat, even with a machine, but that is alright with me since I am the kitchen diva around here.

Faithfully Yours,

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