Monday, January 3, 2011

1st Shave

He will absolutely, positively kill me if he finds out I posted this picture.  Thankfully he does not read my blog.  I will post it between tons of other pictures for my keepsake, that is what my blog is for anyway.  The day came not too long ago when he asked for some shaving cream and a razor, but most importantly AFTERSHAVE!  Sorry, I am not into smelly fragrances so I skipped that purchase but I did get him the other goods.  When I came into the bathroom with my camera he yelled, "NO, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BLOG THIS!"  Oh yes I am!  So here it's our little secret...K?
Who gave him permission to be 15 and get hairy, well not really hairy, more like fuzzy?  My first born is growing up so fast, especially this past year.  Oh how I love this kid!

Lovin being a mama!

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Anonymous said...

mums the word but i thinks someone will let it slip....