Wednesday, January 26, 2011

6 Foot Snowman

Snow conditions are just right for creating man today...snowman that is!

Everyone got into the game of making the biggest snow creature on the block!

Those light, fluffy snowflakes can get a bit heavy when all bundled together.

Ready, on my count...


Almost, don't drop it...

DON'T give up, you're just about there!


Okay, I'm thinkin he's gonna need a head.

There we go.

It's our ability to accessorize that separates us from the animals (100 points if you know what movie that is from).

What's shall you name this snow creation?

It's blustery out, a 'white-out' they tell me.  I'm stayin by the roaring fire with me fuzzy socks on chilaxing!

Warmly Yours,

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