Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Have No Memory

Oh what will I be like when I am old and gray?  I have vowed and sealed it into my mind to NOT have any long wiry hairs growing out of my face, but the rest is up for grabs.  I truly worry about this because I simply have the worst memory ever.  Friends will share about a time we did something fun together, a concert we went to, a jaunt to some new place and I will sit and listen in amazement as though they were speaking of someone else.  Really, that happened?  I was there?  I did that?  Sheesh...I am in big trouble!

Yesterday my cousin sent me an email:

Hi Stacey,
 I was walking through the mall today and ran in to an old friend. We were chatting about our kids schools and I mentioned that you send your kids to NCCS. She said her daughters best friends brother went to school there... Rachel. She said Mollie and Rachel are best friends. I guess you don't remember Charlene from my wedding but here the two of you are !! She had just been divorced at that time and married Paul a few years later. She didn't remember you from then either ! Thought the girlies might get a kick out of the attached photo !
Small World , huh ?
Okay so this gal has been to my house for dinner, our daughters have been away to camp, they talk on the phone... NO CLUE that this woman and I were in a wedding together!
I am slightly consoled that she too did not remember.  It is sorta hard to look at all that past collagen and put the frayed puzzle pieces together.

I am sending out an S.O.S. to ask that you please be my memory when I grow so old and can't remember anything.  We are not to journey alone!


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