Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Morning Scrapbook 2010

I can tell my kids are getting older because they did not wake up until 7:30.  The party starts at 8 so they get to open stockings while they wait for the others to arrive.

Gabe was lighting up his new ornament, that doubles as a window decoration, and looking for the cars to pull in as tiny little snowflakes fell around our house.  At least I am pretty sure it only snowed here at our house since we ordered it special for the day!

 The minions were checking out the stash and sizing up their piles.

Uncle Ho Ho arrived first, followed by Elf Ash.

Queen Cleopatra upon her throne overseeing the antics.

Where to put it?  Not a speck of space to be had!

 Happy Birthday Jesus!  Gabe recited Luke 2:1-18 and Mollie read the rest of the chapter and Doug finished with Isaiah.

 The birthday cake this year was Chocolate Chip Cake (recipe to follow) and an Orange Pound Cake.

 Let the opening begin!

On his Christmas wish list, U Draw for Wii.  He loves the Wii game.

 There is a lot of laughing during our morning.

This was a hard Christmas for Ashleigh as she lost her mom this past summer.  I was really glad she decided to spend the day with us!
 On his wish list, Lovegood's necklace.

 No alcoholic beverages are served at our festivities but you would not know that from the looks of our carryings-on!

 He loves my robe, it is soft and fuzzy.  He had been asking for one but they are hard to find.  I was quite motivated to get my robe back from him so I could wear and lo and behold, Kohl's came through with a camouflage fuzzy robe!

 English Frock Coat, vintage 1890, ebay, gotta love it!
Walking Stick, Lucius Malfoy, vintage 2010, okay, whatever floats your boat.
All that is needed is a top hat.

She has always wanted pierced earrings, although not on her wish list.

 This whole events took us till about noon. We linger, we laugh, and we open the loot.

Hubby gave me the sweetest gift ever, a goat, for a village in Haiti.

 We even had a few tears, these were of total surprise.

 She is a rock star now!

 Toby got a raw hide book about squirrels, he read it cover to cover!

More fuzzy robes and a horse whip, strange combo!
Favorite Gifts:
Gabe: a light up turtle that illuminates the stars and moon on the ceiling
Sissy:  an electric guitar
Doug:  Frock coat, walking stick
Hubby: an electric bird bowl for water
Me:  a goat

If I had time I would compose a Christmas song right now but I want to post the rest of our day!

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