Friday, January 21, 2011

Homeschool Pick of the Week
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Good news for kids!  

Incorporating current events into your curriculum can be one of those items that get pushed out of the schedule.  Staying abreast of real news is tricky if you watch TV for your information or read the newspaper.  A reliable resource that I love is World Magazine.  They have news articles for every grade level from Pre-K to adult.  It reports and teaches from a biblical worldview.   Each monthly edition contains editorials, maps, colorful photographs, quizzes and the best part is scripture is laced throughout every page.  I have my daughter read through the magazine each month and answer the questions or fill in the crossword puzzle, or complete the assignments built right into each issue.  Then we talk about what she has read and go over any vocabulary or pieces of the news events that need further discussion.  

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